Thursday, January 29, 2015

 Detroit Plumbers Union
Local 98

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WEDNESDAY, February 11 - 12 pm
American Legion Hall
12 Mile, Berkley
every second Wednesday of the month


THURSDAY, February 12 - 7 pm
at Local 98 Hall (Regular Meeting)




Activate Healthcare is now the only site for MUST drug testing for Local 98 members. You can obtain the MUST authorization form from Jean or Michelle at the hall then test upstairs at the clinic for your convenience. You must be on the Out of Work list and have all 18 of your MUST modules current in order to take your drug test.


Fluticasone (Flonase) allergy nasal spray and Flu shots are now available.


• Do you have a bad cough or getting short of breath? The Wellness Clinic can now evaluate your lung function with a free onsite Pulmonary Function Test. 
• Having an ache or pain, but don’t have ability to drive to clinic? As long as you’ve seen us once, we will soon be able to use Telemedicine to treat many things using your cell phone or computer to link to us. Coming as of January 2015!
• Just a reminder that the clinic is available for MUST testing.
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